Poster for Alvarius B

Hello Bend! Let's start by giving us some info on the team, who is involved and what are your backgrounds.

We now are four! Giorgos Axiotis, Viktor Gogas, Odysseas Tsolkas and Joy. The team was founded by Giorgos Axiotis and Odysseas Tsolkas in January 2005 after a course of studies abroad and common participation in numerous local projects especially in Biofighter office and Bios Festival 1 & 2 and then during the set up and the first 2 years of Bios space. In 2010 Viktor joined the team just a few months before finishing his studies at TEI in Graphic Arts, and except from all the good vibes and numerous talents he brought a certain love, knowhow and craftmanship for screenprints which he shared with the rest of us.




How has Bend evolved since the early days? 

At some point in the beginning of 2005, Giorgos decided to quit his full time job as an art director in advertising agencies and join forces with Odysseas who had just quit from the Bios team, and start an office. We had nothing except from two laptops and an urge to work for ourselves. We had one client that could nearly pay the bills and also did many creative jobs for friends, that helped us create a reputation as a creative duo. Slowly one client brought another and within 5 years we had produced work for a large number of cultural organisations.  

Nowdays the way that we work remains relatively unchanged. Except from our passion for good design and and an urge to work at our own terms, we also carry a big body of expertise from very diverse projects ranging from silkscreen posters for underground gigs to fully dynamic websites for big cultural organisations. 




What have been some of your favorite design projects so far?  

How can a father or a mother choose his or hers best child…?



One of our favorite pieces is the Marhaug/Wiese poster.  Please tell us more about its creative process! 

Lasse Marhaug has almost become synonymous with Scandinavian Noise. From his "camp" in Trondheim, Norway, he's been launching release after release with brutal and often "witty" noise. He has made some of the most fantastic ear-splitting noise music over the past 20 years, both as a solo artist and with other bands and collaborators.

John Wiese as a composer, is an elusive one. Employing strategies and techniques of musique concrète and electroacoustic music throughout, and emphasizing in the mixing desk as a true instrument.

Having to deal with two artists that mainly deal with the expansion of the internal relation between man and sound, man and machine, man and power electronics as music, a good place to start from (and end to…) would be a personalisation of this relationship, a kind of a hybrid of these two: a "lightning bolt" man, a man and an electric thunder becoming one and the same…a new superhero has just been born!




You have created some very interesting works for the Onassis Cultural Center.  Please give us an insight on this corporation.  

We have worked for the Onassis Cultural Centre for almost three years, designing it's entire corporate identity, including it's logo, website plus the entirety of its communication including posters, booklets and flyers for each show held in the centre for two seasons! It was a very intense and creative period for us plus an amazing opportunity for a small design studio like bend to be able to create such a vast amount of creative work in such a little time for a high profile organization. The experience that we have accumulated from this period is invaluable and we are very happy that we were given the chance to actively participate in a project like this. 



Onassis Cultural Centre Box that contains most of the printed material


Onassis Cultural Centre Catalogue

Which other designers and artists do you admire? 

There are so many other artists from so many fields that we admire that the list could go on for pages on end. From then cheeky handmade stuff of Stefan Sagmeister to the dry and ironical "corporate" design of The Designers Republic and from the provocative diy 2d "sculptures" of Jamie Reid to the totally high-end screenprints of Sonnenzimmer and of course everything in-between!

What resources do you use for inspiration?  Sites you regularly visit, books or magazines you like to read... 

We tend to be mostly inspired by things that do not have to do with design. Companionship, sharing an interesting conversation, listening to an lp, blown out by a live gig, riding on a sunny day into the city or up to the mountain, enjoying a new food recipe, a successful party, an inspiring book, a movie, etc. Except from that and for the better or worse, we spend a big amount of our time surfing the internet everyday, we usually begin with a visit on and then continuing to sites like visuelle, grain edit, swiss legacy, behance, zeroin, the list is to big and ever-changing!  



Hand lettered typographic wrapping paper for Eleftheroudakis bookshop

How does being based in Athens influence your work?

Athens is a very strange place to be at the moment, the crisis is on full effect and you can feel it with every single walk that you take. Demonstrations and riots have become an everyday phenomenon for better or worse, and so have strikes and bad news in general. But it is also a very big city which is home to many creative people fighting to make the best out of it. So while we think that it does sometimes affect the quality of our work and our inner urge for creative enjoyment, we tend to believe that fighting for everyday optimism versus constant pessimism is something that we should work out everyday and we are constantly trying to find a way so that it doesn't spills out into our work.



Catalogue for an art exhibition, curated bu Sofia Donna, produced by Goethe Institut Athens in collaboration with the Bauhaus University

What do you like doing when not working?

Each one of us has his own after-work interests but if you had to blend them in to one sentence it would be music making and listening, cycling on roads and down mountains, movie watching, dog walking, loving and hanging around.



Website for SICOA

Any future plans that you would like to share with our readers?
The future is so fluid at the moment, which makes planning difficult! In essence our last future planning session ended up with one result…more creativity!