Digitized 2014

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Digitized 2014

Kicking off on September 27th, at 12.30 pm, Digitized Conference is bringing together the digital creative community in the centre of Athens, for its 4th edition. Zeroin is proud to be among the supporters of such an event.

The conference includes an impressive lineup of workshops and talks and is aimed at all digital creatives; designers, developers, and creative thinkers.

In the past 3 years, Digitized has hosted international top notch speakers, such as Fantasy Interactive, Serial Cut, Media Monks, Unit9, Hinderling Volkart, R/GA, Northern Kingdom and Hi-ReS.

Media Monks, 2012

serialcut2013.jpgSergio Del Puerto, Serial Cut, 2013

Michael Volkart, Hinderling Volkart AG, 2013

Andrew Spooner, Microsoft

This year, Digitized includes a series of workshops that will take place on Friday 26th and will cover several disciplines from responsive design to web animations.


Responsive Web Design

Vitaly Friedman, Founder & Editor-in-Chief at Smashing Magazine

Mobile Functional Beauty
Vaggelis Rekkas, Dimitris Makris, UX & Mobile at Trebbble.co

UX Design Thinking
Alicia Konstantourou, Katerina Maniataki, George Parapanissios, UX/UI specialist, and Senior Web/UX Designers at travelplanet24.com UX/UI team

Animate the Web
Kostas Makris, Panagiotis Grigoropoulos, Sofia Karkani, Development Dpt. at Tribal Worldwide Athens

From design to the cloud in 7 clicks!
Isavella Benekou & Dimitris Koutsanastassis, UX Specialist and Business Evangelist at Microsoft Hellas




Vitaly Friedman, Founder & Editor-in-Chief at Smashing Magazine
Vitaly co-founded Smashing Magazine, a leading online magazine dedicated to design and web development.

David Ronhel - HKI™ Hellohikimori™

HKI)™ HELLOHIKIMORI™ was Based in central Paris, HKI™ is an independent design studio with cross-discipline expertise in graphic design, digital and motion graphics. It was founded in 2004 by Nathalie Melato and David Ronhel

Spiros Martzoukos - edenspiekermann_

Spiros works as a Web Developer in Edenspiekermann, Berlin, with clients such as Volkswagen, City of Amsterdam and Red Bull

Carlos Ulloa - HelloEnjoy

Carlos Ulloa is an interactive designer, co-founder of HelloEnjoy along with his partner Liber Aguilera.

Gui Seiz - Stinkdigital

Gui Seiz is the Creative Director at Stinkdigital, an award-winning production agency  that creates innovative and engaging interactive experiences.

Patrik de Jong, Artificial Rome
Patrik de Jong is one of the founders and Creative Director of award winning Artificial Rome GmbH, formerly Artificial Duck Studios.

Vassilis Alexiou, MRM // McCANN ATHENS
Vassilis Alexiou is Creative Director in MRM // McCANN ATHENS the Global Digital Agency with 32 offices in 22 countries.

Alex, Agelos + John, Monsters
Monsters are an indie game development studio, founded in May 2012, in Athens, Greece. They strive to create memorable experiences that will grasp your heart.

Arseny Vesnin, Designcollector.net
Arseny Vesnin is a founder of Designcollector.net blog - the first Russian and now worldwide blog dedicated to digital culture.

Rick Barraza, Microsoft
Rick Barraza provides design strategy for Developer Experience & Evangelism at Microsoft.



This years Digitized isometric identity is created by Anagram design

The opening titles are created by the following creatives + under the supervision of Please Insert Coin:
Sergio Ko, www.pleaseinsertcoin.com
Constantin Pilavios, www.movieteller.gr
Christina Antoinette Neofotistou, castpixel.tumblr.com
Alfa-P, www.alfa-p.com
Nickos Myrtou

The Venue
The Digitized Conference will be held at the Onassis Cultural Centre (107-109 Syngrou Avenue, Athens)
The Digitized Workshops will be held at the Vakalo Art & Design College  (26 Lamprou Katsoni street, Athens)

For more details on bookings, click here.

See you there!